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Ecobac 1500 Standard
  •   Hopper 100 liters Cast Iron Gray
  •   Portable Engine Collection (Drill)
  •   Anti-overflow device "ECOSTOP"
  •   Accessible to people with reduced mobility
Trap trader
  • A simple and practical opening system
  • A dedicated location for signage
  • Closing system required to recover the key
  • Reinforced frame
  • Anti-slip tray
The city of Crécy la Chapelle has chosen Ecollect to install 2 ECOBAC 1500 systems located Rue Alexandre Altman.

The residents have 2 ECOBAC 1500:

1 ECOBAC 1500 to collect 2 x 750 liter rolling bins.
1 ECOBAC 1500 with 2 Trappes trays to collect 2 bins of 750 liters, especially for cartons.
Bins and containers: Purpose Cleanliness

"The cleanliness of a city is directly linked to the presence of urban furniture dedicated to this purpose.Posted discreetly in the public space or sometimes afficahnt a certain style, the baskets are in any case elements of decor and induce, indirectly, the act responsible for throwing, sorting or recycling.Finally unsightly collection bins, place carefully designed containers, colorful and connected! "
Extract from the article:

"Underground containers: Characterized by a small footprint and a capacity to retain odors, these containers are distinguished on the surface by a terminal, with a drawer" empty junk "hardly more imposing than a waste basket.

The waste is sent to a buried tank of several hundred liters, placed in a calibrated pit. "

"The company ECOLLECT proposes the containers" ECOBACS "enclosing, like an elevator, one or more bins with casters in the basement.

A very aesthetic solution, to free the public space (ECOPOINT - Monaco Quai T Central) ".


Photo credit: ECOLLECT

  • Visio stainless steel hopper
  • Brushed aluminum tray
  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Collection with portable drill type motor

With 22 systems already installed in hypers-center, the city of Salon de Provence renews its confidence with the company ECOLLECT for the installation of a specific ECOBAC 360 for pedestrian waste as part of the construction of a new skate park at Boulevard Danton.

Thus skaters and walkers have a capacity of 360 liters for their "small" waste (papers, cans, snacks, picnics).


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