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  • Hopper 60 & 100 liters
  • Adhesive signage
  • Portable motor collection
  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Anti-overflow system "ECOSTOP"
  • Anti-slip tray
7 mois ago
The Agglomeration Community of Béziers renews its partnership with the company ECOLLECT for its new installation of a buried container located Rue des Chaudronniers.

Thus, residents now have an ECOBAC 1470 for household garbage to collect 1 750 liters wheeled bin and glass 2 bins 750 liters.
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  • Hopper 60 liters
  • Tri-selective chest protector
  • Capacity of 4m3
  • ECOROTOR stem collection
  • Anti-slip tray
  • Accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Security barriers during collection
7 mois ago
The City of Cuers continues to place its trust in the ECOLLECT product range with its new installation in underground containers for sorting (Large capacity).

It therefore provides residents with 3 ECOBIG systems near the "Les Peireguins" housing estate on Rue Jean-François Siri.

Users therefore have 3 large capacity systems for sorting glass and household packaging.

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Ecobac 1500 Standard
  •   Hopper 100 liters Cast Iron Gray
  •   Portable Engine Collection (Drill)
  •   Anti-overflow device "ECOSTOP"
  •   Accessible to people with reduced mobility
Trap trader
  • A simple and practical opening system
  • A dedicated location for signage
  • Closing system required to recover the key
  • Reinforced frame
  • Anti-slip tray
1 an ago
The city of Crécy la Chapelle has chosen Ecollect to install 2 ECOBAC 1500 systems located Rue Alexandre Altman.

The residents have 2 ECOBAC 1500:

1 ECOBAC 1500 to collect 2 x 750 liter rolling bins.
1 ECOBAC 1500 with 2 Trappes trays to collect 2 bins of 750 liters, especially for cartons.
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